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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes – Emergency calls are always allowed. Also, parents and employers can assign certain phone numbers to the ‘Safe List’ and allow phone calls and text messages to pass through while tXtBlocker is active. To update the Safe List, log into your account, click on the Safe List icon and add the phone numbers that you want to be able to always get through.

The first month’s subscription fee is included. There is a monthly service fee of $6.99 for single user plans or $9.99 for the family plan to maintain the service and provide full use of the web service. Please see our pricing tab for more information and specials.

Yes, tXtBlocker works with any wireless carrier. The important thing is to select a phone that is compatible with the tXtBlocker software. If you have any questions, our staff is standing by to chat with you now. Once you have verified your phone is supported, you’re all set.

It is not possible to track a mobile device with tXtBlocker without their permission. You must be the owner of the phone to initiate any of the services offered by tXtBlocker.

Yes – if the phone’s owner agrees that this is OK. Use the tXtBlocker Dashboard to allow calls with Bluetooth headset while driving to perform this function.

Text messages and e-mails are kept in the phone’s database until the phone is in a ‘safe’ state. An automatic TXT message is sent as a reply to senders to let them know that tXtBlocker is active and that you will receive their message once you are clear to communicate safely.Phone calls are sent to voicemail. We suggest updating your voicemail to let callers know that you have tXtBlocker, which doesn’t allow phone calls while driving or at certain locations. When a call is missed and tXtBlocker is active, an automatic TXT message is sent to the caller’s phone number caller to let them know that tXtBlocker is active.

tXtBlocker does not jam the mobile device’s signal. The software makes the phone aware of its location and movement through onboard sensors and monitors. With instructions from the tXtBlocker dashboard, the phone’s profile is updated to allow or limit certain mobile phone features.

Discounts may be available with some insurance companies—call your agent to see if you qualify!

tXtBlocker™ is compatible with Blackberry™ and Android™ handsets. Other mobile phones, including the iPhone and Windows Mobile platforms are being added based on consumer demand.

The tXtBlocker™ website has all the details. It just takes a few minutes to set up an account and add the mobile application to a phone. Plans start at just $6.99 per month and Multi user discounts are available. On screen help provided by our LiveChat service can assist customers through the setup process.

You have a couple options. The easiest and quickest solution is to buy a handset from the approved phone list. Or, you can wait and see if your phone is added. We are adding new phones all the time.

Absolutely! Click on the Tell a Friend icon from the tXtBlocker dashboard and you’ll receive a free month of service for each friend that enrolls!

This is the choice of the phone owner parental choice. To allow passenger phone use, first click the allow check box in the tXtBlocker Dashboard. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete access.Then, set the conditions allowed.

Visit and log in to your account, and then select your Cell Phone and ‘Re-Activate’ it, after reactivating you will receive a new activation code on your Cell Phone then validate Cell Phone on