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Consumer Electronics Association highlights tXtBlocker as a possible solution to texting while driving epidemic

TXTBlocker™, a mobile technology developer, today announced the creation of a new product for cell phones that allows owners to disable texting and other functions while a user is driving. TXTBlocker lets parents and employers customize cell phones to selectively disable texting functions, block certain numbers, or only permit incoming and outgoing calls to preset “safe lists” or emergency numbers. …continue reading

Ubergizmo says tXtBlocker is a “great new software solution” to texting while driving and at school or work

TXTBlocker is a great new software that will rely on a GPS chipset within a cellphone to know whether he/she is in a moving car, locking down the handset to prevent any texting. Sounds great, but hopefully this service will also keep track of where the public transport routes are lest they end up on a fast moving train and yet cannot communicate via SMS with their buddies. …continue reading

Car meets the Web at CES, raising concerns about distracted driving

Walk into some of the exhibits at the Consumer Electronics Show and it feels like you might be at the Detroit Auto Show instead. For example, Ford has a lineup of cars decked out with the company’s new Internet dashboards that allow you to use Twitter and Facebook from behind the wheel. And there are many start-ups showing off software and gadgets aimed at shutting down cell phone use or making communications safer on the road: Global Traffic Network sends warnings by cell phone ringtones of accidents coming. ZoomSafer’s software locks down phone calls and texting when a car hits 15 miles per hour. …continue reading