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Texting while driving, during class… a thing of the past
United Efficiency, Inc. provides the solution to curb mobile phone use while driving, at school, the worksite.
Mobile phone use and tasks that need a high level of concentration don’t mix. United Efficiency, Inc. has developed the solution to this growing problem.
United Efficiency, Inc.’s CEO, Stan Van Meter, commented, “Everyone’s seen someone behind the wheel typing out a text message or talking away on their mobile phone. I try to steer clear of these folks, but as mobiles have proliferated society, and with nearly 90% of teen cell phone users having ‘unlimited’ text message plans, it’s no wonder accidents from distracted driving are on the rise. It’s tough to legislate behavior. A better way to ensure mobile phones are used at the right place and at the right time is with technology. tXtBlocker™ solves the problem, period.”

Talking and texting while driving, and mobile phone use at school and at the worksite diverts attention and can often times create dangerous distractions. Many States have created legislation to curb texting while driving, but studies show that enforcement is very difficult and ultimately of little effect.
What is tXtBlocker™?
tXtBlocker™ is a new, patent pending mobile phone service that allows Parents and Employers to provide a safer mobile phone experience. When used in conjunction with the website, tXtBlocker™ prevents text messaging and phone use while driving and within user-defined No-Cell Zone locations. Through the website, you can pinpoint the phone’s location, be alerted when the phone arrives in a certain location or when the phone is somewhere other than it should be.
tXtBlocker™ provides these unique solutions
  1. tXtBlocker™ stops texting and talking on the phone while driving. Phone owners can choose to limit just texting and talking or can limit all phone functions such as internet, camera, etc to remove all distractions.
  2. tXtBlocker™ limits phone use when inside a No-Cell Zone. Establishes a No-Cell Zone on the website by entering an address and drawing a fence around the location where mobile phone use is off limits. When the phone is inside the No-Cell Zone, talking, texting and other features will be limited based on the protection level chosen.
  3. When tXtBlocker is active, it lets callers and texters know your driving or in a spot were mobile phone use is not appropriate. tXtBlocker automatically sends a message letting people know that you will receive their message when they are in a safe location to use their mobile phone.
  4. tXtBlocker™ helps keep tabs on the phone’s location. Use the user interface to establish checkpoints and alerts. When the phone enters a check point an email can be sent. Alerts can also be established when the phone is not in the correct location, or didn’t arrive at the correct location.
What Mobile Phones are compatible with tXtBlocker™?
tXtBlocker™ is compatible with Blackberry™ and Windows Mobile™ handsets. Other mobile phones, including the Android and iPhone platforms are being added based on consumer demand.
Where Can I sign up for tXtBlocker™?
The tXtBlocker™ website has all the details. It just takes a few minutes to set up an account and add the mobile application to a phone.Plans start at just $6.99 per month and Multi user discounts are available.On screen help provided by our LiveChat service can assist customers through the setup process.
How does tXtBlocker™ work?
tXtBlocker™ uses a variety of proprietary technologies to monitor the mobile phone’s location, acceleration, and velocity. This, along with criteria selected by the mobile phone’s owner allows tXtBlocker™ to limit when, and where the mobile phone can be used.
Does tXtBlocker™ jam the mobile phone’s signal?
No; jamming FCC licensed cellular signals is illegal. Any Equipment that stops mobile phone use by jamming cell phones is illegal for sale in the United States. tXtBlocker™ works with telemetry to limit features of the phone while maintaining its cellular connection so that calls and texts to phone numbers added to the user’s safe list (911, parents, campus / amber alerts, etc) can be made.
About United Efficiency, Inc.
United Efficiency, Inc. is a mobile software application company located in Central Florida and is dedicated to safer mobile phone use through smart technology. United Efficiency, Inc. is led by Mr. Stan Van Meter, the inventor of tXtBlocker™, a successful entrepreneur and alumni of the University of Florida.

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